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VP Fitness has upgrades to meet all of your fitness goals. Pick a plan that works for you, or book a free session with one of our certified Personal Trainers to receive a customized plan.

Runners Package

Whether you are training for the next big race or just looking to stay in shape, we've got you covered.The Runners Supplement Package is specially designed to keeping you healthy while building results.

2 lbs Isolate Protein
2 lbs Waxy Maize
1 L-Carnitine

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Strength & Lean Package

Stay lean while increasing your strength with our nutrition plan crafted by VP Fitness certified Personal Trainers.

2 lbs Isolate Protein
Glutamine 300g
1 Kre-Alkayn 120 Caps
1 Lipidex

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Weight Loss

Cutting weight is never easy, but this plan gives you the nutritional support to see real results, faster.

2 lbs Isopure or 3Lbs Zero Carb
1 Apple Cider Caps
1 Glutamine 300g

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Weight Gain

Trying to build muscle and overall gains? The Weight Gain Supplement Plan gives you the protein and supportive supplements to build mass and get stronger.

5 lbs True Mass Gainer
UDO Essential Oil
1 Kre-Alkalyn 120 Caps

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Smoothie Package

End every workout with a nutritious reward. Buying smoothie packs is the best way to save.

10 Smoothies per Month

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