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Josafat has over 5 years in the Health and Fitness Industry and currently provides 1-on-1 training, Nutritional coaching, Virtual coaching and other services to the following areas:

Weight loss/maintenance/gain programs, strength and conditioning programs, mobility/stability and corrective exercises programs and general health and fitness

Having graduated with a B.S in Community Health and Wellness with a concentration in Wellness and Movement Studies as well as being an athlete and modeling the very best workout programs, he understands the importance of creating and maintaining effective and result focused workout programs.

Josafat knows from experience that each individual will be assessed at their current level of fitness and then challenged to their next goals, helping every client identify their smaller achievable goals in order to reach their overall health and fitness goals"

Maria Meraklis

Maria has extensive experience in the fitness industry. As a former professional dancer, she is  passionate about incorporating the art of movement into her class routines. 

Her training style consists of a strength program that focuses on conditioning, mobility,  functionality, and hypertrophy techniques, combining bodyweight-only exercises with  resistance training to achieve maximum strength. Having had the pleasure of working with a  range of clients, including football athletes, 2K marathon runners, and senior citizens, she has  successfully helped clients recover from physical injuries, improve speed and strength, gain  muscle, and maximize flexibility. 

Maria’s passion for cooking has become a staple in her nutritional coaching, always finding  delicious ways to eat healthy.

As part of the VP Fitness family, Maria instructed virtual HIIT and BootyBootCamp classes  during the Covid-19 shutdown. 

Joe DePena

One passion that has developed in me is the training to inspire others to meet their fitness and wellness goals, mentoring to keep them on track and coaching to establish sustainability! Helping others to improve their life through exercise! It has been more than a career choice, but a life passion.

The ever evolving knowledge regarding health, fitness, nutrition & keeping abreast to the community around me. Strategically configuring programs for clients are vital keys to the success for anyone from all walks of life clients. Motivating others and accurately applying the program that will work best to achieve the results there looking to gain. This is the cornerstone of success. Once the decision is made the journey begins to a better you!  Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, preparing for pre or post season training for any athletics curriculum, preparing for a competition, or helping a parent just become fit enough to play with the kids'; or you want to "tone up" I'm dedicated just the same.

Stephanie Peltier

It takes a lot of patience, commitment and dedication to reach the top of one’s profession. In addition, it is very difficult to keep one at that level year after year. With that being said, Stephanie has been developing custom workout programs for individuals as well as groups for over 10 years. Her success is largely due to her simple exercises which produce immediate results.

Her clients range from Division 1 Athletes who strive each year to break-through last year’s performance, or Business Professionals who were once athletes that want more of a balance between health, fitness and work life or an individual just learning for the first time how to exercise and appreciate their health.  

Because of her long list of achievements, Stephanie talks, eats, and lives fitness everyday of her life. She fell in love with fitness and now wants to share her love with others who also have the drive and aspiration to become a stronger, motivated and better version of themselves.

Jervis Rosario

Pro-Trainer and professional bodybuilder from the University of Rhode Island Jervis, Has a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology's Exercise science.

He has been certified through AFFA a well know affiliation in the fitness industry. Jervis is known for his outstanding charisma and positive attitude. Jervis is a well balanced trainer having experience with working with D1 athletes to working with the elderly, individuals with developmental disabilities and muscle imbalances. whether its rehabilitation, weight loss or muscle gain our trainer can help you achieve your goal.

"Nothing will work unless you do."-Jervis

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